Studio Portfolio of Alexander Cardia

American Masters // Rebrand Propsal

Rebranding, identity, and design proposal for PBS' American Masters.

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American masters redesign proposal



American Masters sets the standard for biographic documentary on American television. Predicting continued growth and youthful outreach, we presented the television mainstay with a forward-thinking identity.


An evolution and concentration of American Masters’ current branding, the design keeps the American identity in the forefront–employing a single letterform to emphasize the all-inclusive power of individual achievement. This mark conveys confidence, trust, and originality in a contemporary, yet timeless form.

Conceived as a refinement of embossed copperplate type, the absence of the bottom half the A’s centerline implies a key-lit prominence, while adding dimension and intrigue.

American Masters Logo_light (00000)_1.jpg

The negative space below the A’s aperture subtlety gestures toward an internal star shape. This shape carries through to the orientation of the combination mark itself, and is a wonderful nod to American Master’s past branding.


Design // Alexander Cardia