Studio Portfolio of Alexander Cardia
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CBSN Prime // Identity and branding for CBS

CBSN Prime. Identity, branding design, and animation for CBS and CBSN. 

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CBSN Prime



To create a stark and impactful identity for a modern news magazine, we took inspiration from one of the world's most iconic logos.


The 1951 origin of William Golden's timeless 'all-seeing eye' was the perfect touchstone for this new CBSN property: invoking a camera's shutter; riffing on the "Prime" title; paying homage to the network's roots; and offering a smart transitional element for use throughout the broadcast hour.

The wordmark was developed to withstand a wide breadth of applications, within a circle in combination or individually. Likewise, the motion treatment used a series of "lenses" through which to display pertinent information.  

And while CBS ultimately chose a different direction for their show, we remain extremely proud of this identity and had a blast working with it. 


Creative Director // Alexander Cardia
Senior Producer // Stephanie Norris
Design // Alexander Cardia, Benedict McNamara, Dylan Trieu
Animation // Alexander Cardia